Cape Cod DSA

Democratic Socialists of America

Who we are

Cape Cod DSA is a local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. We are an activist organization — not a political party — that works against oppression in its many forms. We see these multiple oppressions — economic inequality, patriarchy, white supremacy, and others — as interlinked, intersecting, and inseparable. Cape Cod DSA’s members are building a movement for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in communities and politics across the Cape.

In 2018, we're focused on immigration justice.


We're raising money for our upcoming brakelight clinic.


We organize regular monthly meetings, as well as educational events, rallies, and more.

Join us

Here's how to get involved:

  1. Join DSA (you'll get a sweet official Socialist Organizer card, the quarterly magazine The Democratic Left, and the knowledge that you're helping to build a socialist future)
  2. Come to a meeting or email us and we'll get you plugged in