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¿Qué es DSA?

Los Socialistas Democráticos de América es la organización socialista más grande de los Estados Unidos, con más de 92.000 miembros y capítulos en los 50 estados. Creemos que los trabajadores deben dirigir tanto la economía como la sociedad democráticamente para satisfacer las necesidades humanas, no para generar ganancias para unos pocos.

Somos una organización política y activista, no un partido; a través de los capítulos del campus y de la comunidad, los miembros de la DSA utilizan una variedad de tácticas, desde la acción legislativa hasta la acción directa, para luchar por reformas que empoderen a los trabajadores.

  • Does Cape Cod DSA work with other socialist or leftist groups?
    Cape Cod DSA has worked with many socialist and leftist organizations in the Cape Cod area to organize demonstrations, stand in solidarity with workers, and create political education events.
  • What is the relationship between National DSA and Cape Cod DSA?
    Cape Cod DSA is the local chapter of National DSA. We send delegates to the national convention (occurs every two years) and elect members of the National Political Committee. The National Political Committee makes recommendations for national priorities and serves as a resource for materials such as sample flyers, training materials, graphic design, etc. In addition, National DSA has several working groups, focusing on feminism, veterans, fighting racism, labor, queer socialists, and the solidarity economy.
  • Why should I pay dues and how are my dues used?
    DSA and all its chapters are member-funded organizations. This is an intentional choice to ensure that we are all held accountable to each other and so that there is no influence from corporations or other special interests in the important work we do. Dues are an essential factor in keeping the chapter and national organization afloat through funding our organizing efforts. When you choose to pay monthly dues, they are split between National DSA and Cape Cod DSA. National uses them to hire staff, provide trainings, and organize conventions and gatherings of DSA members. Cape Cod DSA uses them for actions like connecting those in our community facing eviction or foreclosure with essential resources and event organizing. Because membership dues don’t cover the costs of any of our local activities, we also hold fundraisers and solicit donations on the local level.
  • Do I have to be a member to be involved in Cape Cod DSA?
    You have to be a DSA member to vote at general meetings. However, non-members can attend meetings and events if they are interested in learning more. We encourage everyone who is interested in Cape Cod DSA to become a member to help the local grow!
  • How do I get involved in Cape Cod DSA?
    Ready to join Cape Cod DSA? Please fill out this form. Interested in learning more about CCDSA? Please fill out this form. Our membership coordinator will contact you shortly after you submit either form.
  • Who makes decisions in Cape Cod DSA?
    Our membership model is the backbone of internal democracy in DSA. As a membership organization, dues-paying DSA members drive the decision-making process in Cape Cod DSA. Important issues are voted on at bi-weekly general meetings. The elected executive board and two co-chairs lead the organization’s day-to-day organizing and operations. Working groups typically make decisions about the direction of their work.
  • What distinguishes DSA from other socialist or leftist groups in Cape Cod?
    Cape Cod DSA is a big-tent organization, meaning that we embrace many strategies and tactics and encourage debate on important issues. We are not a political party. Instead, we are a membership organization that focuses on socialist organizing and political education. DSA’s members are building mass movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics.
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