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Get Involved

There are multiple ways to get involved with Cape Cod DSA. If you’re interested working on issues, we currently have three working groups: housing, labor and electoral. Is there an issue you’re passionate about that we’re not working on? We are happy to connect you to an allied organization who’s working on that particular issue, a National DSA working group, or provide you with the tools, resources and training to start a working group within CCDSA. If you're interested in helping with internal operations, we're always looking for people to join our administration, communications, or membership committees.


We strive to connect workers with the tools, support and resources to unionize their workplace


The Housing Justice group aims to educate Cape Codders about the various definitions and implementations of social housing.


The Electoral Committee works to support Democratic Socialist candidates at the local, county, state, and federal level. We are currently working on electing Jack Stanton for State Rep of 4th Barnstable District.

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