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Jobs Board

Are you unemployed or looking to change jobs?

Consider applying for one of these jobs to carry your organizing spirit into the workplace. The Boston DSA Labor Working Group is coordinating DSA members and other activists to take jobs in strategic unions and unionization drives so we can strengthen socialist influence in the local labor movement.

Union Jobs

Apply for one of these jobs so you can get involved in an existing union. Note that not all jobs on these lists are unionized positions.

Organizer Jobs

Do you want to organize for a living? Take one of these jobs at a union or local non-profit.

Non-Union Jobs

Apply for one of these jobs to help an on-going unionization campaign.

​We encourage you to speak with our team before applying. We can help advise you on which jobs are best suited to your interests and abilities, review your resume, and connect you with socialists already organizing in these industries.

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