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The Cranberry Scoop - Spring 2022 - Issue 9

  • Groups across Cape Cod organized on Saturday to protest the threat to Roe v. Wade and abortion access. According to Senator Julian Cyr, the nearest abortion clinic is 90 miles off-Cape, making it extremely difficult for many locals to access healthcare.

  • Holtec's plan to pour radioactive waste into Cape Cod Bay is on hold until a third-party environmental expert gives an official opinion.

  • Chatham has bought five acres of open green space from the Diocese of Fall River to build more housing on. For context, 52.9% of all houses in Chatham are not occupied year-round, and an additional 5.1% are classified as completely vacant.

  • The Housing Assistance Corporation is holding a virtual info session on May 18th at 5:30 to discuss 30 new affordable units in Brewster. Interested parties can apply at

  • The American Rescue Plan Act is providing $41 million to Barnstable County to work on "town specific projects." Towns can submit plans for the funding, which must be used before the end of 2026.



Committee & Working Group Updates

Membership Committee

Dear Comrades,

It has been a long, difficult couple of years. We took some big losses, both politically and personally, as the ruling class made it clear that they’re more than willing to sacrifice us, the workers, to the ever-grinding gears of capitalism. It was really, really tough to keep up momentum as socialist organizers–with a theory of change that relies on an ability to move our physical selves in unison, whether we’re marching, striking, or canvassing–through the isolation of 2020-2021. But we pushed on through. We used the tools and the tech we had to keep organizing in the labor, ecosocialist, healthcare, childcare, and housing spheres, a little here and a little there. Like the very hungry caterpillar, we filled ourselves up with book clubs and phone banks and online organizer trainings, peeking our heads out here and there for socially-distanced meetups and canvasses.

And though the coast is not entirely clear and we’re responsible for ensuring that we continue to take the mitigating measures that the bosses have given up on (masks, filtration, vax card checks) and that we continue to protect comrades who are still vulnerable by ensuring that they have options for participating that don’t force them into shared indoor spaces, we are now in a position to burst out of our cocoon and get back to organizing at full speed.

The bosses are scared. Wins at Amazon and Starbucks have them shaking in their boots, the Democratic political establishment is terrified to see progressives gaining ground, and we’re beginning to finally see some pushback against the out-of-control militarized police forces that are terrorizing our communities. The bosses are vulnerable and we have public pressure on our side, so it’s time to fight. And we are!

  • Our comrades in San Francisco DSA are fighting for a ballot measure that will tax the big landlords who keep housing prices high by intentionally keeping units empty.

  • Comrades across the south, from Birmingham to Charleston and beyond, recently raised over $20,000 to support the Warrior Met Coal Strikers, who have now been on strike for a year.

  • Maine DSA hosted a series of vaccination clinics and used the waiting room to organize people into supporting their public power campaign.

  • National working groups and committees are building support for striking Starbucks workers, ecosocialists running for state and municipal-level offices, tenant union organizing, and disaster preparedness training.

Here in Cape Cod DSA, we’re ready to RE-ENERGIZE, REVITALIZE, and RECOMMIT. We’re excited to be working on DSA’s Recommitment Drive and we could really use your help! We need folks to help make some calls and texts to bring some of our lapsed/expired members back into the fold and recommit to DSA and we’re hoping you might be ready to work with us.

Please email Ali, our Membership Coordinator, at to get involved!

With Love & Solidarity,

CCDSA Membership Committee




From Amazon to Starbucks, we are experiencing an unprecedented wave of working class militancy. Ordinary people across the country are joining together in a renewed labor movement led by rank-and-file workers. Now more than ever, It’s time to organize - to unionize your own workplace, reach out to the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee (EWOC)!




The Housing Justice Group is developing a Strategic Campaign beginning with an Education component. With the goal of Education on Social Housing and its different definitions, HJC are gathering data and other factual evidence on the extent of the Cape’s housing crisis.

If our community has a more robust understanding of our housing crisis, individuals can better advocate for the policy solutions they think best address the problem-- this can advance the political power of working class (or otherwise disenfranchised) Cape Codders. We and our fellow Cape Codders may arm ourselves with this knowledge when organizing or going before town committees and meetings, to fight for housing justice. Are you interested in contributing to this project? Contact Maggie at




Cape Cod DSA votes to endorse Jack Stanton's 2022 Campaign for State Representative in Barnstable's 4th District!

Jack is running for State Representative because the Outer and Lower Cape is at an economic, environmental, and social crossroad. Our fragile coastal environment is threatened, the cost of living is high, and folks are struggling to get by. From Harwich to Provincetown, and all across Cape Cod, we need a fresh perspective and a new vision in the 4th Barnstable District which looks towards the long-term prosperity of our region — one which creates a future where families can remain here, and where all members of our community are strengthened. Help us get Jack into the State House!



Letters from The CCDSA

On May 2, 2022 Politico reported on a draft ruling leaked from the Supreme Court signaling the courts intention to use Dobbs v. Jackson to dismantle Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Court decision that enshrined abortion as a Constructional right. This outcome has been a stated GOP goal for twenty years and we cannot be surprised that they are within striking distance of succeeding. Written by Justice Alito, the draft not only describes Roe v. Wade as “egregiously wrong from the start,” but lays the groundwork for attacks on other rights, such as gay marriage, gender expression, and sexual behavior -- a veritable hit list of conservative rallying points.

There is no mistake here: this ruling is a violent attack on women's reproductive rights generally and women's health more broadly. Its goal is to return the United States to a pre-1973 state. Meanwhile, the rich will continue to have access to abortion through travel to different states or, if needed, other countries, while the poor and marginalized will be left without options. By taking away the right to safe abortion, Alito is damning untold numbers of woman to dangerous procedures and economic purgatory. The weight will be felt most keenly on the working class, the unhoused, and women of color.

At this moment there is no specific strategy being debated amongst the Democrats that will stop the Supreme Court’s ruling. Senate Democrats do not have the votes to enshrine abortion rights into law and it is unlikely any such law would survive another visit to the Supreme Court. Not coincidentally, a Democratic fundraising blitz has begun, a craven attempt for the centrist to capitalize on a tragedy they themselves could have prevented during the first five months of Obama’s 2008 term. We must accept that no meaningful help will be forthcoming from them. It is our job, in the opinion of this activist, to find ways to raise hell locally and nationally in order to exert maximum pressure on the U.S. ruling class. If the GOP can overturn Roe, and if the Democrats let them do it, while suffering no meaningful blowback, the conservative movements of this country, now fully entangled

in Trumpist fascism and Christian fundamentalism, will push all remaining liberal, progressive, and radical movements into the sea. And we will be too weak to stop them.

-- Alan Holt

Editor's note: While Alan's letter focuses on women's healthcare, this ruling will also affect many people who are not women. Transgender folks from all walks of life, particularly working-class trans people, fat trans people, disabled trans people, and trans people of color, are extremely vulnerable in the realms of medical abuse and reproductive healthcare issues and will become even more so if this ruling goes through.


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